Monday, August 16, 2010

Painting progress

Friday night fight was skipped this week as A. & I were seeing "Deep Blue Orchestra".

I have not been slack, far from it - I have had the painting urge strike. 30 Gretchin, 8 Orks and 16 Sarus Lizardmen have gone from plastic to waiting for basing. I was doing a couple of hours at the end of the night, perched in my usual spot behind the Teev while the others watch their programs, L. watching ABC3 until 8.30, and then more adult stuff once L. was in bed.

I was amused by the timing of the BOLS article on Army Painter quickshade, as I was prepping my Saurus for just that treatment when I read the article. If you like painting armies fast, it's a great article. My only alteration to that article - I always paint the dip on - less mess, less wastage.


  1. I see that the black background make my links disappear. Bother.

  2. Thanks for link, I've been considering Army Painter Quickshade for a while. Looks like it's worth trying.