Friday, July 30, 2010

Green is best!

The scenario was capture the fortress. A lizardmen cohort held the fort, and Triksiliksi the skink priest convinced   the goblin shaman Zogzog that they were green enough, and the bashing would be good. The Tzeenchian sorcerer Gamile similarly trick a local Empire Garrison to help him capture the fortress.

The Human alliance went straight to business, closing in on the fort, with the marksmen firing poorly, and the mortar rounds exploding harmlessly mid air. The Greenies similarly moved in, with their spells making more headway, halving a warrior of Chaos unit.

Next turn the mortar took more of a toll, the purple sun spell hurt the lizardmen sorely, and the guns whittled more Orcs. The warriors of chaos were repulsed by the skink skirmishers occupying the building,  The greenskins tried countercharge, but were caught in the water. Triksiliksi tried to save the day with powerful magics, but blasted his own intelligence instead, and wandered around the field dazed.

A Lizardmen block was destroyed by the Chaos warriors, and their brothers made it into the fort. Only to be blasted out by the Orcs.

Then Black Orks blasted through the ranked Halberdiers, taking eight kills on the first impact. The Warriors saw the last of the Saurus fall, but failed to turn on the building in time. As the day ended, the Orcs held the fort, and the forces of Mankind left the field to return another day.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Friday Night Fight!

It looks like Friday night is shaping up as fight night! The house in some semblance of order, so now we are getting into our routines. And one routine we want to establish is Fight Night!

The plan is that during the week we plan a battle with teams and points, for playing on Friday night.

This week week are fighting an allied battle. 500 points per player, two players a side. Adelle Empire, Jez Orcs, Lachy Lizardmen, and either myself with Empire, or Tom with Warriors of Chaos.


Mini Apocalypse 40k Experiment: Bart's Orks V Sui's Terminators

Sunday night fight was a bit of a thought experiment - What does it take for the Orks to bust the Imperials hardest armour?

Sui took a Land Raider and 2 lots of five Terminators and one lot of ten.  I took three Kopters with rockets, 10 boys with rokkit and Nob with power Klaw in a rokkit truck x2, and one mob of 30 Orks with 3 rokkits and Ghazgul.

The scene was a building littered desert.

On the way in, the raider retreated to a corner to take up a clean firing position, and boomed a truck, and thinned boys. Turn two it did similar, but started taking rokkits. Well, 5 to hit, 6 to pen and 5 to make the table mean anything meant that it took some doing. The Orks never wavered - I never failed a leadership roll all game. And Sui had industrially awful reserve rolls.

In a perfect experiment, the Orks all got to pound away with rokkits, and eventually Power Klaws. The Raider took until turn 3 to immobilise, and turn 5 to Pop, and that took Ghazguls s5 Power Klaw.

The termies popping out from the raider caused good rollicking carnage, and the boys gave back. They dispatched them over two turns. One lot of five had a terminal teleporter accident, and the ten man squad ended up out of close combat, arriving turn 5. 

So in the end, I lost three points - one lot of truck boys, Ghaghulls 30 mates, and the kopters. Sui lost the teleporter 5, the raider, and it's passenger 5.

So the game was a tie, but that took insane luck with the six ones for the reserve rolls, and the teleporter deaths.

Next investigations - ZZap guns or Tank Buster boys?

8th Ed Introductions - Adelle's Empire V Tom's Lizardmen

Part of making a new scene is training up the newcomers. I got to take my partner Adelle and Tom, a long term friend of hers through their first games last Friday. There were mistakes a plenty, but a good games was had. It was about 650 points.

The Empire fielded 5 knight with a similarly armed Captain on horse, 10 handgunners with sniper, and an infantry block, 10 swordsmen, 20 spears, 10 bows and a lvl 1 Fire Wizard. The lizards had a 10 and a 20 infantry block, a 10 blowpipe skink contingent, 3 blocks of jungle swarms, and a lvl2 Skink shaman.

The scenery was a nearly mirrored field - river through the middle, two buildings just off centre. They faced off one to one.

The knights charged the warrior ten block, and did no wounds, and lost three knights. They fled, and came back just in time to knock the 10 under half, but not survive.

The handgunners got into position, but got jumped by the skinks quicker weapons, which caused a break. They made it back, and helped the fire wizard blow away their little rivals later in the match.

In the big blocks battle, the lizardmen got caught in the river. The bowmen REALLY earned their points, peppering away two or three lizards each time, whittling perfectly. The swarm went straight in, and contacted the swordsmen. The swordsmen actually saw them off over three turns, surprising me a little. Once the lizardmen did impact the spearmen, they were a bit too few, and due to the fact that they were late, the swordsmen got to counter charge.

The Liazardmen never broke, but they got ground down.

In the magical battle, the shaman killed the wizard, but the wizard more than earned his points late in the game, knocking over skinks and more lizadmen.

In  the end, the victory point difference was 117, a minor victory to Adelle. Tom promises revenge!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Original Story

The Womble and I were setting up BUMFAT (Brisbane's ultimate medieval fair and tournament, boy did they hate it when we started including the ultimate) and had finished setting up the SCA encampment. SCA puts in a solid attempt to be medieval. We dodn't always manage all that much, but we strive, and sometimes we can shine.

Well, we ran into some guys who were having a ball of a time, swinging swords around, wearing armour, and generally convincing other people to join them, especially hot chicks. Said hot chicks liked to swing swords around wearing very small lycra suits. Nothing wrng with that AT ALL, but it's not medieval.

Anyway, back to the story. After setting up, we went along to see these other guys setting up their display tent. It was a massive square army tent. To medievalize/ fantasize it a bit more, they had decorated it with fake human skulls on each of the points, lots of attached branches, a few banners, and a huge bull skull over the main peak. Womble and I were looking at this quietly, trying to come up with an encouraging phrase.

The guy from the group came up to us and said "Yeah I know" in an upset tone. We looked at him, and looked at the tent. "Needs more skulls."