Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lizards constructed - now 750 Friday night fight

The Lizardmen are all constructed, and I started weaponing up the old bowman skinks. 15 of the little tackers have now been converted and may even get a jersey on Friday.

Friday night fight - The magic number is 750points, and the guest is Angus. His army was not revealed, and there will be some combination of the usual suspects, Adelle Empire, Lachie Lizards, and Jez's Orcs.

Last week no-one had a good answer to the Black Orcs, so this week we will roll out the artillery! Adelle will have two cannon and a mortar, two racks of ten handgunners, a mage and the change in full command halberdiers.

Lachies Lizards are going lean and hitty.  Saurus hero and full command leading 15 Saurus, a ten block with champ, a block of 15 skink warriors, and a lvl 1 priest.

Bring the biff!

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