Sunday, August 1, 2010

The basics of painting

Jez's Black Orcs were assembled and undercoated, but showed no likelihood of getting any further. So we did a little pushing, and strongly suggested a painting session. Once underway, everyone else joined in. Jez didn't want his black orcs to be the first ones on the trial. So we did the basics first few passes on a tactical squad to show the very basic techniques.

The lessons were basics like brush care, brush loading, and keeping only the bottom third of the tip in contact with paint. The figures were already assembled and undercoated black. So first stop was drybrushing the figure bone, with Jez and I doing the squad. By this point Lach and Adelle were keen as well, so I started dishing out the jobs. Lachy was doing the green painting and brown inking on the bases, Adelle was doing the metallics (guns and swords) while Jez and I were on base coating things red. We got through the squad quickly, and then I did the details. It only took a little over an hour, and everyone had a job that suited their interest levels and skills.

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