Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My current project: Mixed Editions Lizardmen

In many GW army releases, their is the popular army, and the unpopular army. If you feel like collecting the unpopular army, you can get 'half sets' or 'double half sets' at a steep discount.

Warhammer a few editions ago released Brettonians and Lizardmen as the base armies. Well, knights in shining armour are popular, lizards less so. The pull of Liazrdmen is usually thos who love dinosaurs - there were no dinosaurs in the basic box. What were they thinking?

The net result was that people would buy the (then) $100 starter box, and would look for someone to grab the unwanted Lizards, usually for around $20. This neatly suited my "No more than $1 per model" philosophy, scoring 40 figures for that $20. I did this twice, and later supplemented this with an ebay '100 skinks for $20'
 bid, and a 10 Lizards for $5.

I later supplemented this with helping Agro win a Cancon bid buy chipping in for some fantasy components, scoring a much later edition Warhammer core troops box of Lizardmen for about $20.

Net result: 70 Sauraus Warriors and 120 skinks for $65

What has that got to do with Today? Well with the recent Warhammer Fantasy push that has happened recently, L want to play Lizardmen, so I am neatening up and completing all the old projects related to that army. The core box is being completed, with four full commands. Also many of the skinks (which in the old edition were all archers) are being converted into javileneers with shield, using paperclip javelins.

I have also made a few green stuff 'jungle swarms' and I many attempt to sculpt a few more of those before the green stuff I acquired recently ages poorly.

Net result - The basics of a Lizardmen army, $65 and some quite enjoyable hobby fidddle time.

The other cost: Carting it around a dozen sharehouses :)

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