Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Skaven emerge

Tom has decided on his army, and has gone for the rat men, the Skaven. One battalion box, and a heap of gear grabbed from the gamers friends, WargamerAu & ebay.

For the game Tom had 1500 points, Jez had 750 Orcs, and I had 750 points of Empire.

It was a good romp, close most of the way, with the "Unlikely Alliance" putting down the ratties. Dropping a Rat horde was difficult, as those stubborn rolls meant that it took the humans some serious chopping, but I had three tight frontage units facing his horde sized effort. Jez's Black Orcs had a hard job, dislodging a horde by itself. It was saved by a traffic jam preventing flanking attacks over the time that it took to kill the ratties.

Funny stuff:
- the slave rat explosion was one of the most effective tactics of the day - Tom is priming his brush for slave painting a plenty. 
- Animosity - The goblins were NOT interested in attending the battle. When the Black Orc's went screaming off with a Warggghh roll,  both gobbos stayed stock still. And the next turn. The centre unit woke up once it was slammed into by the slave rats on their turn three, but the other one had FOUR rolls of one in a row - staying  dead still on the starting line.

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