Friday, July 30, 2010

Green is best!

The scenario was capture the fortress. A lizardmen cohort held the fort, and Triksiliksi the skink priest convinced   the goblin shaman Zogzog that they were green enough, and the bashing would be good. The Tzeenchian sorcerer Gamile similarly trick a local Empire Garrison to help him capture the fortress.

The Human alliance went straight to business, closing in on the fort, with the marksmen firing poorly, and the mortar rounds exploding harmlessly mid air. The Greenies similarly moved in, with their spells making more headway, halving a warrior of Chaos unit.

Next turn the mortar took more of a toll, the purple sun spell hurt the lizardmen sorely, and the guns whittled more Orcs. The warriors of chaos were repulsed by the skink skirmishers occupying the building,  The greenskins tried countercharge, but were caught in the water. Triksiliksi tried to save the day with powerful magics, but blasted his own intelligence instead, and wandered around the field dazed.

A Lizardmen block was destroyed by the Chaos warriors, and their brothers made it into the fort. Only to be blasted out by the Orcs.

Then Black Orks blasted through the ranked Halberdiers, taking eight kills on the first impact. The Warriors saw the last of the Saurus fall, but failed to turn on the building in time. As the day ended, the Orcs held the fort, and the forces of Mankind left the field to return another day.


  1. Stoopid 'umans! Wot dey fink they'z playin' at lurkin' wiff dem chaos freaks anywayz? Dis'z our fortz n' we means ta keeps it!

    Sounds like you folk had a ball! Any thoughts on the 8th Ed at this pont?

  2. I like it so far, but I reckon troops should have been at 50% minimum, special and rare are still too common. It seems like an improvement tho...