Tuesday, July 27, 2010

8th Ed Introductions - Adelle's Empire V Tom's Lizardmen

Part of making a new scene is training up the newcomers. I got to take my partner Adelle and Tom, a long term friend of hers through their first games last Friday. There were mistakes a plenty, but a good games was had. It was about 650 points.

The Empire fielded 5 knight with a similarly armed Captain on horse, 10 handgunners with sniper, and an infantry block, 10 swordsmen, 20 spears, 10 bows and a lvl 1 Fire Wizard. The lizards had a 10 and a 20 infantry block, a 10 blowpipe skink contingent, 3 blocks of jungle swarms, and a lvl2 Skink shaman.

The scenery was a nearly mirrored field - river through the middle, two buildings just off centre. They faced off one to one.

The knights charged the warrior ten block, and did no wounds, and lost three knights. They fled, and came back just in time to knock the 10 under half, but not survive.

The handgunners got into position, but got jumped by the skinks quicker weapons, which caused a break. They made it back, and helped the fire wizard blow away their little rivals later in the match.

In the big blocks battle, the lizardmen got caught in the river. The bowmen REALLY earned their points, peppering away two or three lizards each time, whittling perfectly. The swarm went straight in, and contacted the swordsmen. The swordsmen actually saw them off over three turns, surprising me a little. Once the lizardmen did impact the spearmen, they were a bit too few, and due to the fact that they were late, the swordsmen got to counter charge.

The Liazardmen never broke, but they got ground down.

In the magical battle, the shaman killed the wizard, but the wizard more than earned his points late in the game, knocking over skinks and more lizadmen.

In  the end, the victory point difference was 117, a minor victory to Adelle. Tom promises revenge!

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