Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mini Apocalypse 40k Experiment: Bart's Orks V Sui's Terminators

Sunday night fight was a bit of a thought experiment - What does it take for the Orks to bust the Imperials hardest armour?

Sui took a Land Raider and 2 lots of five Terminators and one lot of ten.  I took three Kopters with rockets, 10 boys with rokkit and Nob with power Klaw in a rokkit truck x2, and one mob of 30 Orks with 3 rokkits and Ghazgul.

The scene was a building littered desert.

On the way in, the raider retreated to a corner to take up a clean firing position, and boomed a truck, and thinned boys. Turn two it did similar, but started taking rokkits. Well, 5 to hit, 6 to pen and 5 to make the table mean anything meant that it took some doing. The Orks never wavered - I never failed a leadership roll all game. And Sui had industrially awful reserve rolls.

In a perfect experiment, the Orks all got to pound away with rokkits, and eventually Power Klaws. The Raider took until turn 3 to immobilise, and turn 5 to Pop, and that took Ghazguls s5 Power Klaw.

The termies popping out from the raider caused good rollicking carnage, and the boys gave back. They dispatched them over two turns. One lot of five had a terminal teleporter accident, and the ten man squad ended up out of close combat, arriving turn 5. 

So in the end, I lost three points - one lot of truck boys, Ghaghulls 30 mates, and the kopters. Sui lost the teleporter 5, the raider, and it's passenger 5.

So the game was a tie, but that took insane luck with the six ones for the reserve rolls, and the teleporter deaths.

Next investigations - ZZap guns or Tank Buster boys?


  1. My housemate is in a similar position, throwing his Orks at my Blood Angels (and another player's Thousand Sons) so I sent him a link to your blog :)


  2. Heyo Troy - yeah, This experiment will continue till we crack it :)